Do you feel like something in your body is 


If you're tired of Google guessing and want to know how to get a proper diagnosis and start your recovery, check out our IBS Fundamentals Mini Course!

It's a quick guide that will tell you...

✅ What IBS is (and more important, what it isn't)

✅ The specific drivers and potential root causes of IBS

✅ How you can go about getting diagnosed

✅ The different treatment options available

We created the mini-course to help you sort through the confusion and get your health back on track.

It's your gut, so it's about time you get educated about it!

Take your power back and know that it’s not “all in your head.” 🙌🏼

During the mini-course, we'll help you learn more about IBS so that you can start taking control of your health and feel better once and for all—no matter what symptoms you're experiencing.

Hi, I'm Erin!


As a fellow IBS-er and registered dietitian, I am passionate about helping women reclaim confidence in their bodies with digestive disorders.


That's why I founded Gutivate, a virtual nutrition counseling practice that specializes in digestive disorders, and why I created the MASTER Method, a high-touch group program for those living with IBS.


I've helped hundreds of women (and counting!) get control of their symptoms and I'm on a mission to help hundreds more!

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